| WEBINAR Sessions | “Writing of proposal for research grants: international perspectives” 2023

  • 2022•11•29     Peru

    Webinar Sessions Open Call— “Writing of proposal for research grants: international perspectives”

    We are cordially inviting you to apply until December 23th, 2022 to the Webinar Sessions: “Writing of proposal for research grants: international perspectives”.  This event is coordinated by Julian Dibb, PROIMI-CONICET.

    This webinar is aimed at researchers from all disciplines, including biology, biochemistry, agriculture, biotechnology and microbiology, who are planning a research project and wish to develop a promising research proposal to be sent to national or international funding agencies. During the development of the webinar, participants will become familiar with the main rules for proposal writing and the development of the different sections of a research proposal. After each webinar session, open discussions with the speakers are planned.

    Eight Speakers from different Universities and Institutions —Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Norway and Uruguay— will join the line-up of this course:

    • Reinhard Klein-Arendt. ProWiss, Germany
    • Lizette Jacinto. Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, Mexico
    • Juan David Guzman Vasquez. Fraunhofer-Institut fur Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie IME Bioresources, Germany
    • Lucas M. Bietti. Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
    • Natalia Venturini. University of the Republic, Uruguay
    • Maximo Hernan Mena. National University of Tucuman, Argentina
    • A. Daniela Simut. University of Cologne, Germany
    • Julian Rafael Dib. National University of Tucuman, Argentina

    Language & modality

    The course will be taught in English and Spanish and will last 4 days. The webinar is planned for four consecutive days, with 4 on-line hours for each session. On last day will take place an online integrative examination regarding the topics of the webinar. Zoom will be chosen as web platform for the webinar.

    Audience profile

    The course is aimed at highly motivated advance PhD students, Postdoctoral, early career and established researchers from all disciplines, including biology, biochemistry, agriculture, biotechnology and microbiology (which will be the priority), from the Latin American and Caribbean region. Interested candidates must send a motivation letter along with a short CV. Priority will be given to candidates from the region rather than local ones. Applicants should have a sufficient English proficiency. Affiliation of applicants with an academic institution or public research center in the country of resident is required.


    • Proposal writing rules (30 min).
    • The proposal: important principles (30 min).
    • The knowledge gap and USP (Unique Selling Point) (30 min).
    • Sections of a proposal: Title. Abstract (Abstract subsections).
    • Objectives: main objective and specific objectives and state of the art. The work plan. Developing the Budget (4 h 30 min).
    • Importance of the appendices in the proposals and their correct development (2 h).
    • Reviewer-oriented writing (1 h).
    • Criteria of peer reviewing. Reviewing of proposals (2 h).
    • Implementation of improvements in proposals (2 h).
    • International cooperation. International Funding Agencies: an Overview (1 h).
    • Successful stories from proposal writing (2 h).

    Applicants must apply via https://forms.gle/RKEsgdRE7eaiyP7p8

    Deadline: December 23th, 2022.

    Start date: March 6th – March 9th, 2023.

    Download flyer here