Open Call: I International Course “Data Science as a Tool in Bioprocess Development and Bioprospecting Research”

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  • 2021•10•15     Costa Rica

    Course Invitation— I International Course “Data Science as a Tool in Bioprocess Development and Bioprospecting Research”

    We are cordially inviting you to apply until November 19th to the I International Course “Data Science as a Tool in Bioprocess Development and Bioprospecting Research.”  This event is coordinated by Lina Marcela Blandón García, Head of Marine Bioprospecting Laboratory at INVEMAR, Colombia.

    Ten Speakers from different Universities and Institutions —Colombia, Costa Rica, and The United States— will join the line-up of this course:

    • Lina Marcela Blandón García, Ph.D in Bioprocess Engineering and Biotechnology. Head of Marine Bioprospecting Laboratory at INVEMAR. Experienced in the field of natural products.
    • Juan Fernando Alzate Restrepo. Ph.D. in Biochemistry and molecular biology. Professor at Unversidad de Antioquia. Experienced in metagenomics and metataxonomic.
    • Jesus David Castaño. Ph.D Candidate in Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering INVEMAR. Experienced in proteomics.
    • Leonel Galán. Master in Computer Science. Director of technology at Epifany, Inc. Experienced in software development and mentorship.
    • Javier Gómez León, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. Head of Marine Bioprospecting line at INVEMAR. Experienced in aquaculture and marine bioprospecting issues.
    • Marcela Alfaro Córdoba. Ph.D. in Statistics. Assistant Professor of statistics at the School of Statistics, University of Costa Rica. Experienced in organizing workshops and part of the CODATA-RDA schools of data science iniciative.
    • Daniel Restrepo. Ph.D. in Bioinformatics. Fulbright Scholar. Postdoctoral research scholar at North Carolina State University.
    • Juliana Vasco Correa. Ph.D. Fulbright Scholar. Assistant professor at Pennsylvania State University. Experienced in bioprocess development, life cycle assessment and technoeconomic analysis.
    • Ana Zuleta Correa, Ph.D in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Postdoctoral research at the Marine Bioprospecting line at INVEMAR. Experienced in bioprocess development.
    • Laura Lizeth Díaz Ortiz, Master in Sciences. Researcher at INVEMAR. Experience in metataxonomic and metagenomics analysis.

    The marine and Coastal Research Institute “José Benito Vives de Andréis” INVEMAR conducts basic and applied research on renewable natural resources and the environment in coastal areas and marine and ocean ecosystems of national interest in Colombia. There are five research programs at INVEMAR, among which is the program for the evaluation and use of marine and coastal resources (VAR), this is aimed at assessing the state and valuing the biological, economic and social potential of marine natural resources and coastal areas for their conservation and sustainable use. The VAR program in turn has three research lines; among them is the marine bioprospecting line (BIM) which conducts research on the identification of active principles in marine organisms with potential use in health, industry, and the environment (bioremediation), through chemical, biological or gene characterization.

    The theme of this event is aligned with our research/endeavors working towards one of UNU-BIOLAC priority areas— Innovative Biotechnological Processes.

    Applicants must apply by filling the following form:

    Deadline: November 19, 2021.

    Please send requests to

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