Next Course “XV Latin American Workshop on Conservation Genetics: Preserving Genetic Diversity in the Age of Genomics”

  • 2022•07•19     Peru

    We are glad to announce the Course “XV Latin American Workshop on Conservation Genetics: Preserving Genetic Diversity in the Age of Genomics”. This event is coordinated by Dr Ph. D Elie Poulin, Universidad de Chile, Chile, next September 1st to November 29th 2022. 

    Ten Speakers from different Universities and Institutions –Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Mexico, USA and Venezuela- will join the line-up of this course: 


    • Dr. Antonio Solé-Cava, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro 
    • Dr. Cristina Y. Miyaki, Universidade de Sao Paulo 
    • Dr. Marco Méndez, Universidad de Chile 
    • Dr. Elie Poulin, Universidad de Chile 
    • Dr. Daniel Ruzzante, Dalhousie University 
    • Dr. Larissa Souza Arantes, Leibniz Institute for Zoo & Wildlife 
    • Dr. María Gabriela Montiel-Villalobos, ReGeneC 
    • Dr. Omar Cornejo, Washington State University 
    • Dr. Ángela M.G. Martino, Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda 
    • Dr. María Oliveira-Miranda, ReGeneC / Instituto de Recursos Naturales – USB 

    The target audiences are postgraduate students and Spanish-speaking professionals from Latin America, who have a demonstrated commitment to conservation and a wealth of knowledge that allow them to take advantage of the workshop. 

    The main difference between ReGeneC´s workshops and others on conservation genetics is the relevance of the students’ research projects inside the course. The selected students must send a short version of their projects (5-6 pages), which will be discussed by the academic staff during virtual working meetings before the course to assign the advisory committee (AC) (3-4 teachers or specialists). Starting with virtual meetings, the pertinence, weaknesses and strengths of the project will be discussed between the student and each member of AC. In this way, at the end of the course, the projects submitted in the application process will be improved through the discussion and feedback received from other peers and from academic staff.   

    The main objectives of the course are review and put into practice analysis tools updated (e.g. genomics) with real data. This will help Latin American scientists and professionals to be competitive in the protection of their biodiversity. Facilitate the incorporation of the content of the workshop into the research projects of the participants, through the assignment of an advisory committee for each one. And continue developing networks among participants, instructors and other conservation genetics practitioners to continue the process of capacity building in the region. 

    Practical Activities 

    For online sessions, the modalities of instruction will be: 

    • Lectures of ReGeneC´s core instructors and invited researchers on topics related to the workshop 
    • Virtual forums to discussion on topics such as: i) Legal framework regulating conservation genetic studies in the different countries of Latin America, including analysis of case studies, ii) project design, iii) genetic and conservation context within each project, iv) motivation to conserve, v) ethical issues, among others 
    • Virtual meeting classes, as intro to in-person practical sessions 

    Furthermore, we propose ten days of In-person meetings to:  

    • Practical sessions of data analysis  
    • Personalized discussion / work sessions with the advisory committee assigned for each student 
    • Students work sessions to prepare their presentations with assistance of all professors. 
    • Presentation by the students of their project at the final phase of the course. 


    The Open Call is open to anyone interested.  

    Applicants must apply via the following link: 

    Deadline: July 30th, 2022 

    Contact information:  

    Download the flyer here