Next course “Sample preparation for genetic sequencing in various biotechnological applications”, November 2023

  • 2023•08•21     Argentina

    We are glad to announce the Course Sample preparation for genetic sequencing in various biotechnological applications”. This event is coordinated by Dr Adalgisa Scotti, FCEN-UNCUYO, Argentina, from November 28th to December 20th, 2023.

    The course proposes methodological learning to acquire skills in genetic biotechnology applied to environmental problems. It has two application approaches: Agroecological, environmental in the context of climate and land-use change, and pharmacological through stem cells in human health.

    This course is a pioneer in the multidisciplinary approach, understanding that it is essential to take correct samples, their conservation and the standardization of bioprocesses in each of the proposed fields of application.

    In this first stage of the course, the lines detailed below will be presented:

    • Introduction to basic principles of DNA sequence analysis for identification and molecular phylogenetics
    • Arbuscular mycorrhizae: Definition, study methods for DNA sequencing
    • Identifying, sampling, and preparing key biocrust cyanobacteria and nematode species is important for soil health. Metagenetics and basics of phylogenetic methods of DNA sequence analysis.
    • Virology in plants of economic interest: etiology of diseases, protocols and diagnostic methods for grapevine and potato viruses.
    • Antarctic corals as markers of climatic changes: preparing samples for DNA sequencing
    • Human stem cells isolation and sample preparation for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

    The main aims of the course are: 

    Train students in different DNA-based sample preparation methodologies for genetic sequencing applicable in an environmental context of global change for soil, plant, ocean, and human health.

    1) Introduce basic principles of DNA sequence analysis for identification and molecular phylogenetics

    2) Sample preparation for isolation of genetic material from mycorrhizal symbiosis for DNA sequencing

    3) Sample preparation for DNA sequencing from desert cyanobacteria, lichens, nematodes, tardigrades and microarthropods from the soil.

    4) Use of indicator plants, serological tests and detection of viral nucleic acids from plants.

    5) Application of molecular techniques to Antarctic coastal ecosystem organisms.

    The Open Call is open to anyone interested.

    Applicants must apply here.

    Any questions, contact us via email at and

    Deadline:  September 15th, 2023

    Download the flyer here.