Next Course: “Microbial technology applied to the biological control of postharvest fungal diseases in fruits”, May 2022

  • 2022•03•30     Argentina

    We are glad to announce the Course “Microbial technology applied to the biological control of postharvest fungal diseases in fruits” This event is coordinated by Dr Julian Dib, PROIMI-CONICET, Argentina, next May 16th to 20th, 2022.

    Thirteen Speakers from different Universities and Institutions —Argentina, Mexico, Qatar, Uruguay and Germany— will join the line-up of this course:

    • Dr Mario Serrano, Center for Genome Science, UNAM
    • Dr Silvana Vero, Universidad de la República
    • Prof Samir Jaoua, Qatar University
    • Dr Dietrich Stephan, Julius Kühn-Institut, Germany
    • Dr Marcela Paula Sangorrín, PROBIEN, CONICET-UNCo
    • Dr Maria Cristina Nally, Universidad Nacional de San Juan
    • Dr Sabrina Inés Volentini, CONICET – UNT
    • Dr Carlos G. Nieto Peñalver, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
    • Dr Juan Carlos Diaz Ricci, CONICET
    • Dr Carlos Grellet, CONICET
    • Dr Pedro Eugenio Sineli, PROIMI – CONICET
    • Dr Flavia Mansilla, PROIMI – CONICET
    • Dr. Daniel Kurth, PROIMI-CONICET

    This course is aimed at researchers in the life sciences, including biology, biochemistry, agriculture, biotechnology, microbiology. During the development of the course students will apply different techniques for the identification and development of biological control methods in fruits. Students will search and select possible antagonists, will determine the mechanisms of action, identify and carry out biocontrol tests. Printed material will be given with description of the pathogens to be controlled and the pathogen disease cycles. Each practical class will include an explanatory introduction and protocols to follow lab activities. Finally, the students will present the problem situation, the approach and the solution, as well as the perspectives of each work.

    Practical activities:

    • Isolation of epiphytic microflora of fruits to search potential biological control agents. Selective and non-selective isolation.
    • Antagonist selection tests. In vitro selection and on fruit (in vivo).
    • Characterization and identification of selected antagonists. Determination of biocontrol mechanisms. Tests to detect the production of soluble antimicrobials and volatile compounds, enzymes, siderophores, biofilms, HCN, plant hormones.
    • Studies of the fruit microbiome: Sampling, DNA purification, sample preparation for sequencing.

    The course has two main objectives. On the one hand, it seeks to promote biological alternatives to the use of agrochemicals based on microorganisms for the treatment of postharvest fungal diseases. In addition, students will be trained for the development and implementation of projects to identify and develop biocontrol agents for fruits of regional interest.

    The Open Call is open to anyone interested.  You can download the information here

    Applicants must apply via email

    Deadline: April 8th, 2022

    More information on the website: