Next course “Genome-centric metagenomics for bioremediation and resource recovery”

  • 2022•08•12     Peru

    We are glad to announce the Course “Genome-centric metagenomics for bioremediation and resource recovery”. This event is coordinated by Dr Leonardo Erijman, INGEBI-CONICET, Argentina.    

    Seven Speakers from different Universities and Institutions —Argentina, Uruguay and Italy — will join the line-up of this course:    

    • Ariel Chernomoretz, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina 
    • Leandro Guerrero, INGEBI-CONICET, Argentina 
    • Paula Beati, INGEBI-CONICET, Argentina 
    • Claudia Etchbehere, Biological Research Institute Clemente Estable, Uruguay 
    • Patricia Bovio-Winkler, Biological Research Institute Clemente Estable, Uruguay 
    • Gregorio M. Iraola Betancor, Institut Pasteur, Uruguay 
    • Stefano Campanaro, University of Padova, Italy 

    Participating trainees will have the opportunity to receive up to date information in the area of genome-centric metagenomics, with a focus on bioengineering processes related to waste treatment and resource recovery. 

    The program will include hands-on practical exercises with real data from metagenomic projects on biogas production and wastewater treatment processes. 

    The course will focus on microbial communities in wastewater treatment systems and anaerobic digesters, which are specialized in degrading pollutants, recycling nutrients and converting organic wastes into energy (biogas, hydrogen) and other valuable products. Thus, the possibility to capture the genomic complexity and metabolic capabilities of microbial populations at very high resolution will be applied for pollutant management strategies along the concept of circular economy. 


    Academic Activities 


    Lectures will be held in the mornings, and will cover the following subjects: 

    1. Practical aspects of microbiome studies 
    2. Introduction to genome-centric metagenomics 
    3. The activated sludge microbiome 
    4. The anaerobic digestion microbiome 
    5. Functional roles during anaerobic digestion of saccharides unveiled by genome-centric metagenomics 
    6. Metagenome-assembled genomes related to methane production 
    7. Insight into metabolic processes and microbial networks 
    8. Urban metagenomics and antibiotic resistance reservoirs 
    9. Metagenome-assembled genomes from metagenomic time-series


    Afternoon sessions will be dedicated to hands-on practical sessions, covering the following topics: 

    1. Sequence data files. Reads quality control and processing 
    2. Genome and metagenome assembly 
    3. Metagenomic binning based on single or multiple data sets. Genome curation 
    4. Taxonomic classification and functional annotation. Specialized databases
    5. Enzyme discovery and function prediction
    6. Data visualization 

    Attendees are expected to have some basic understanding of microbiology and NGS-based analysis. They are also required to have familiarity with the Linux command line interface. 


    The Open Call is open to anyone interested.   

    You can download the information here

    Apply via the following link  

    Deadline: September 2nd, 2022  

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