Next Course: “Bioelectrochemical systems towards sustainable wastewater treatment”, October 2023

  • 2023•08•11     Colombia

    We are glad to announce the Course Bioelectrochemical Systems towards sustainable wastewater treatment” in Santa Marta, Colombia. This event is coordinated by Dr Yiniva Camargo Caicedo, Dean Faculty of Engineering and Professor-Researcher at the Universidad del Magdalena, next October 2nd to 6th, 2023.

    Nine Speakers from different Universities and Institutions —Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay — will join the line-up of this course:

    • Dr Diana Martínez, Professor – Researcher. ENES-UNAM, Mexico.
    • Dr Eduardo Fuentes Quezada, Professor – Researcher. ITD del TecNM, México.
    • Dr Eduardo Corton, Researcher. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    • Dr Federico Figueredo, Researcher. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    • Dr Maria Pabon,  Researcher. YPF Technology, Argentina.
    • Dr Francisco Luis Massello,  YPF Technology, Argentina.
    • Dr René Cardeña, Researcher. Universidad Tecnológica del Uruguay.
    • Dr Andrés Granados, Professor. Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia.
    • Dr Geinny Vásquez, Professional. Environmental authority. Barranquilla, Colombia.

    The course will be given in 5 days, full-time. During the mornings, theory classes will be given; meanwhile, practical classes will be given in the afternoon. The course presents an interdisciplinary approach, with basic concepts for designing bioelectrochemical energy production devices. In this sense, at the end of the course, the audience will have the tools to start research in this area. The know-how of the course is based on the knowledge generated by the lecturers, which involves the use of microorganisms and electrochemistry techniques in the industry. A lot of research in the field has been done in Argentina at the institutions from which most of the course lecturers come. The expertise of these researchers is complemented by one of the lecturers from Colombia y México.

    This academic activity focuses on students with a medium level in engineering (systems, electronics, industrial, chemical, environmental), biologists, as well as professionals/graduates who are currently working in companies from the industrial sector with an interest in the bioelectrochemical field. It is intended for a maximum of 20 participants. During practical activities, participants will be divided into 5 groups of 5 participants each to maximize their interaction with the trainer.

    The main aims of the course are:

    1) Provide technical support for the development of new research in the field of bioelectrochemistry.
    2) Guide students using big data analysis tools to extract meaning from biological systems.
    3)  Development of laboratory practices related to bioelectrochemical methods oriented to industrial processes such as energy generation and water quality monitoring.
    4)  Foster a meeting space for national/international students and professionals from different areas of knowledge, including the academy and industry

    The Open Call is open to anyone interested.

    Applicants must apply via email

    Deadline:  August 15th, 2023.

    More information on the website.

    Download the flyer here.