LatinAmerican Workshop in Structural Bioinformatic of Protein

  • 2019•08•31     Colombia

    This workshop will provide training on well-established resources to analyze protein structures using computational tools. The topics will involve the use of bioinformatics tools and databases, as well as background information on simulations using protein structures. The workshop will be instructed by trainers from the Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe), from CINVESTAV centre in Mexico, as well as local expert researchers from the Max Planck Tandem Group of Biophysics of Tropical Diseases in Colombia working on protein simulations. Some of the examples used during the sessions will fall under the UN’s sustainable development goal of communicable diseases prevention and treatment.

    Knowledge about molecular biology is required, as well as familiarity with basic bioinformatics concepts and undergraduate-level knowledge of protein structures. We expect to have around 20-25 participants from Colombia and other Latin American and Caribbean countries, who can also share their work through selected poster and oral presentations.
    To participate is required to apply using the form available in the Application section. The selected participants will receive full scholarships. More details in the programme.

    “After this workshop the trainees should be able to:
    1. Access protein structure repositories to understand their impact in molecular functions
    2. Apply structural bioinformatics tools to assess the quality of structures, as well as other tasks such as structural comparisons
    3. Model proteins and variations using structural information to study potential effects
    4. Implement basic ligand-based computational approaches
    5. Simulate protein structures to study folding and binding mechanisms”

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