Course Invitation: Theoretical and practical workshop on Biosystems for sustainable energy production

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  • 2021•10•25     Mexico

    We are cordially inviting you to apply until October 31 to the “Theoretical and practical workshop on Biosystems for sustainable energy production.”  This event is coordinated by Ph.D. Diana C. Martínez Casillas, Durango Technological Institute, Mexico.

    Ten Speakers from different Universities and Institutions —Argentina, and Mexico— will join the line-up of this course:

    • Ph.D. Diana C. Martínez Casillas, Durango Technological Institute, Mexico

    • MEng. María D. J. Rodríguez Rosales, Durango Technological Institute, Mexico

    • Ph.D. Eduardo Corton, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • Ph.D. Alfredo de Jesús Martínez, Durango Technological Institute, Mexico

    • Ph.D. Federico Figueredo, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • Ph.D. María Jesús González Pabón, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • Ph.D. Víctor Jesús Martínez Gómez, Durango Technological Institute, Mexico

    • Ph.D. Giovanni Hernández Flores, Durango Technological Institute, Mexico

    • Ph.D. Sergio Valle CervantesDurango Technological Institute, Mexico

    • Ph.D. Roberto Valencia Vázquez, Durango Technological Institute, Mexico


    The course is aimed for undergraduate and grad students with training in engineering (biochemical, chemical, environmental, energy), biological areas, and related professionals/graduates who are currently working in companies at the industrial sector with interest in the renewable energy topic. The target audience of the course is a heterogeneous but complementary one, this idea was intended to foster the establishment of contacts for scientific and logistical support between different research groups and/or companies.

    Another goal of this workshop is to capacitate young and enthusiastic researchers in the field of renewable energy generation by biotechnological and bioelectrochemical processes, expecting them to become multipliers of the acquired knowledge among the industrial enterprise. Also is expected to get the attention of the industrial sector (food companies, water industries, mining industries, marine investigations), which could adopt the technologies for improving the industrial development/waste management and the monitoring and tracking processes. The workshop presents an interdisciplinary approach, from basic concepts towards the design and evaluation of bioelectrochemical devices for energy production, including control processes in biosystems for energy production.

    The theme of this event is aligned with one of our research/endeavors working towards one of UNU-BIOLAC priority areas—Sustainable Biotechnological Processes.

    Interested applicants will fill an online form and asked to submit by e-mail: a motivation letter; resume; student supporting document (student ID, Institution letter, report card, academic record)

    Please send requests to

    Deadline: October 31, 2021

    You’ll find more information about the course below: